Deep Steamed Kabusecha Green Tea

Deep Steamed Kabusecha Green Tea
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Deep-steamed tea also known as Fukamushicha. Kabusecha is a high grade shaded-grown tea similar to Gyokuro (Gyokuro is the finest Japanese green tea).

The purpose of the deep-steamed process is to suppress the astringency of the tea leaf. Because Kabusecha is grown under shade, therefore it has umami sweetness closer to Gyokuro taste. Kabusecha also has lower astringency compare to Sencha. Kabusecha has the characteristic of both Sencha and Gyokuro.

Deep-steamed process soften the tea leaves and causing tea leaves broken during rolling process. Therefore deep-steamed tea may not look great from outside, but it definitely is high grade Japanese tea.

Just like all of our green teas, our Kabusecha is imported directly from Japan.

  • Packaging : 100g, around 50 servings
  • Origin : Kagoshima

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