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Deep Steamed Premium Sencha (Fukamushicha)

Deep Steamed Premium Sencha (Fukamushicha)
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Sencha is the most popular Japanese green tea. It has strong aroma and mild astringency which produce a refreshing taste.

The deep-steamed process lengthen the steaming process from 1 minute to 2-3 minutes. This deep-steamed process lower the astringency and increase the sweetness of the tea. Besides, deep-steamed process make more tea leaves particles dissolve in water, it means we can absorb more nutrient from drinking deep-steamed green tea leaves. The down side of the deep-steamed process is some tea leaves will be broken during the process which will make it looks like low grade tea but actually it's the opposite. 

  • Packaging : 50g -25 servings (Resealable bag) / 100g ~50 servings (Canister/Refill pack)
  • First flush Sencha

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For brewing instruction, visit our article here.

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