Handpicked Premium Uji Gyokuro Gokou

Handpicked Premium Uji Gyokuro Gokou
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  • Origin : Uji, Kyoto Japan
  • Size : 30g, in Washi Tea Canister (Random design)
  • Cultivar : Gokou
  • Handpicked and processed by Japanese tea master

Similar to our Handpicked Gyokuro, this Gyokuro is 100% Uji tea leaves and handpicked and processed by tea master from Uji, Kyoto. Other than this, the speicial thing about this Gyokuro is it's made from Gokou cultivar tea leaves. 

Gokou is originated from a seed of native tea plant in Uji, and was selected as the best cultivar in 1950s. Gokou is specificially grown for Gyokuro and Tencha (Matcha) because it gives very good outcome when grown in shaded farm. Therefore, Gyokuro made from Gokou has very good aroma and strong Umami flavor. 


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