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Kabusecha is higher grade tea similar Gyokuro. Kabusecha (means covered tea) is one of the shade-grown tea, but shaded period is halve of Gyokuro (About 10 days). Other than that, the intensity of light blocked is also lower as compared to Gyokuro. Therefore, Kabusecha has lower umami sweetness but higher refreshing astringency taste compare to Gyokuro. In other word, it has the refreshing flavor of Sencha, and some sweetness of Gyokuro.

Many green tea sellers actually sell Kabusecha as Gyokuro because of the shade-grown characteristic. But in Japanese green tea standard, any tea that is not shaded for enough time (which is about 20 days) is not considered Gyokuro.

  • Packaging : 50g -25 servings (Resealable bag) / 100g ~50 servings (Canister/Refill pack)
  • Origin : Kyoto, Japan
  • Harvest : First flush

​Brewing Instruction

  • 2g per 100ml
  • Water temperature : 70C
  • Steep for 120 seconds
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