Classic Ceremonial Matcha

Classic Ceremonial Matcha

Classic ceremonial grade matcha is matcha that suitable for making pure matcha tea. It's produced with high grade , first flush tea leaf, with good fragrance aroma and good sweetness level. Classic ceremonial grade matcha has low level of bitterness, therefore suitable to drink directly without sugar or milk. Our classic grade matcha are produced from first flush tea leaves only.

There is no rule on how we should categorize the Matcha grade, classic grade is always being sold as Ceremonial grade by many Matcha seller in the market because of its quality, some even sell culinary grade as ceremonial grade. In, we categorize the Matcha based on expert suggestion.

Classic grade matcha is suitable for making matcha usucha (thin tea), matcha beverage with lower sugar level. It's also a good candidate for ice-cream making or dessert making.

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