Wholesale pricing is available to any individual or business who want to purchase our tea products. Our customers are mainly from restaurants and cafes.


  • Currently we operate through online platform, all wholesale order and inquiries are only communicate through email. We do not meet with customer unless really neccessary. We removed our phone support and provide only email support because we found that this is the best way for both customers and our side. We will definitely reply your email ASAP.


  • We supply mainly to cafes and restaurants, and some food manufacturing companies. We are currently supplying to businesses in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei. Smaller orders from Australia, and European countries.


  • Wholesale order shipping in Singapore and Malaysia are normally FOC for 5KG and above. We use TNT courier for all other wholesale order for other countries. Shipping rate will de calculated based on destination and weight. We need about 1-2 weeks to prepare your order.

Basically matcha start degrading from the time it's produced. In order to provide our wholesale customer the freshest matcha, we normally will only start manufacture the matcha after receive your order, therefore the lead time is about 1-2 weeks. If you need the matcha urgently, we can arrange delivery from warehouse outside Singapore, but with extra charge. If happen that we have extra stock left locally, we will ship it to you without extra charge.

For loose leaves, we have wide wholesale range of green tea (organic and non-organic) products such as Genmaicha, Karigane, Kukicha, Sencha, Gyokuro, Kabusecha, Hojicha and many others. 

Please contact us at contact@greentea.sg for wholesale pricing. 

Our product range:

  • Matcha : Japan Ceremonial grade to culinary grade. We are curently supply matcha to Cafes and restaurants in Singapore and Malaysia. Our matcha are produced from high quality Tencha, they are import directly from multiple regions such as Shizuoka, Uji, Nishio, Kagoshima, Mie, Yame etc.
  • Japanese loose leaf tea. Similar to our matcha, they are import directly from the tea farms in Japan
  • Teabags.
  • Flower teas
  • Fruit teas. Our fruit teas are import directly from Germany, ISO, HACCP etc certified.

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