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How Matcha and Green Teas Help in Weight Loss

Posted by Editor 03/03/2018 79 Comment(s)

Matcha and green teas are known for its health benefits especially its fat loss properties. Green teas and Matcha are being used widey in cosmetic, healthy food products because of this. Do you know how does Matcha help in weight loss?


  • EGCG boost metabolism and stop the growth of fat cells. EGCG is the major antioxidants in green tea. Matcha contains much higher EGCG than other ordinary tea.
  • A study demonstrated that catechins found in green tea extract has thermogenic properties and boost fat oxidation.The study also found that consuming green tea increased the rate of burning calories up to 40% of daily energy expenditure.
  • There are some other studies showed that exercising immediately after drinking matcha green tea resulted in 25% more fat burning during exercise.
  • Scientists have shown that EGCG helps in fat metabolism by liver, which is the process of breaking down complex lipid. It also prevent body fat accumulation by stopping fat compounds absorption by the intestine.
  • Matcha help reduce blood cholesterol due to its fat oxidation properties.
  • Other than fat loss, benefits from Matcha that worth mentioning is the detox properties. Toxins in your body can actually slow down your body metabolism. The Chlorophylls help to clean your body and and boost metabolism.


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