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How to Brew Japanese Green Tea

Posted by Editor 14/02/2016 89 Comment(s)

Japanese green tea has became more and more popular in our daily life. From office (sencha), restaurant (Genmaicha) to business VIP (gyokuro). A correct brewing method is very important in getting the best out of the tea leaf.


In general rule of thumb, the higher the tea leaf quality, the lower the brewing temperature and the smaller the drinking cup. Refer the table below:

TeaPeopleTea leavesTemperature Water AmountSteepingAmount in each cup
Gyokuro (high quality)310 g50c60 ml150 sec12 ml
Gyokuro (ordinary)310 g60c60 ml120 sec13 ml
Kabusecha38g70C120ml120 sec25ml
Sencha (high quality)36 g70c180 ml120 sec50 ml
Sencha (ordinary)510 g90c450 ml60 sec80 ml
Bancha515 g100c650 ml30 sec100 ml
Houjicha515 g100c650 ml30 sec120 ml

*For second infusion, brewing time is about 1/3 of the normal time.


Brewing Instruction

1. Pour hot water into tea cups, cool it down to desire temperature.

Japanese tea brewing step 1


2. Put tea leaves into tea pot.

Japanese green tea brewing step 2


3. Pour the hot water from tea cups into the tea pot, and steep for specified time.

Japanese green tea brewing step 3


4. Serve the tea equally into each tea cups

Japanese green tea brewing step 4


5. Enjoy