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Matcha Storage Instructions

Posted by Editor 30/07/2016 0 Comment(s)

Matcha is a premium grade tea that has good color, taste and aroma. On the other hand, matcha is also very sensitive to its surrounding condition. Below are the 5 "enemies" of matcha:

  • Heat : Keep matcha in a cool place such as in the fridge.
  • Air : Store matcha in an air-tight container. Matcha will degrade when in touch with air, matcha color will slowlly turn yellowish if exposed to air.
  • Light : Avoid direct light source. We notice there are shops storing matcha in a transparent container, which is a big NO for matcha.
  • Humidity : If you store matcha in the fridge, make sure it goes up to room temperature first before open, to avoid water forming inside the matcha container.
  • Smell : Keep matcha away from strong smell