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Should You Use Only Uji Matcha?

Posted by Editor 04/08/2018 0 Comment(s)

Uji Matcha is the most popular Matcha in the world, but does it mean it's the best Matcha and should you or businesses use only Matcha from Uji ?


Matcha originate from Uji and the Matcha production technique improves over the past hundreds years. Thanks for good weather, quality water and ideal elevation and soil in Uji area, it produce one of the best Matcha in the world. Only very limited Matcha prooduced in Uji each year, it's impossible for such small region to supply Matcha to the whole world. Therefore many less than honest manufacturers and farmers start selling blended Matcha especially to international customers. 


Most customers especially business customers lack of knowledge of Matcha, so they will only purchase "Uji Matcha" because everyone say it's the best. Besides, the price of Uji Matcha increased drastically because of high demand from international customers.


Other regions such as Shizuoka, Kagoshima have Tencha cultivation and Matcha production, and they produce good quality Matcha too. Nishio is also produce best Matcha comparable to Uji Matcha. Nishio and Uji are 2 main regions that produce Matcha in Japan. The advantage of Matcha from these less popular region are less expensive. The Matcha produced from each of other regions has their own unique characteristics too, some of them are better than Uji Matcha for food applications. For tea , Matcha from Nishio is very well recognized by expert as one of the best Matcha in the world.


In summary, Matcha processing and production technique is now very matured, and all other regions in Japan are producing good quality Matcha comparable with Uji Matcha. We recommend Matcha from Nishio and Shizuoka too as they are very good too. The most important factor is whether the taste profile of Matcha works well in your recipe. Matcha from Uji is very good but the chance of getting the real Uji Matcha is low because it's very hard to procure Tencha from Uji. All our Uji Matcha are true Uji Matcha as we deal with the source directly without go through any agency. But we encourage our customer to try Matcha from other region as we tasted hundreds of Matcha and found that there are many good Matcha outside Uji.