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Genmaicha is a blend of green tea and roasted brown rice. This nutty flavor of roasted rice balances the astringency of the green tea.

Unlike many ordinary Genmaicha products in the market which use Bancha (low grade course tea leaf) as ingredient, this Genmaicha is mixture of Genmai (roasted brown rice) and Deep-steamed Sencha (Fukamushicha). Fukamushicha may appear low quality because of the deep-steamed process cause it to be broken easily, but Fukamushicha is actually much better tea than most of the green teas. 

The brown rice used in this product are also higher grade brown rice. For those who dislike too much astringency taste in Sencha, Genmaicha is good choice since it has the nutty flavor to cover most of the astringency. Genmaicha is suitable especially for green tea beginner.

Our Genmaicha use deep-steamed Sencha which has reduced astrigency and increased sweetness, therefore it blend with Genmaicha even better, and bring the taste to another level. The tea leaves in this Genmaicha may seems low quality because of the broken tea leaves, but this is actually caused by the deep-steamed process which make the tea leaves easily broken.

  • Packaging : 50g -25 servings (Resealable bag) / 100g ~50 servings (Canister/Refill pack)
  • Origin : Shizuoka, Japan

​Brewing Instruction

  • 2g per 100ml
  • Water temperature : 80C
  • 60 seconds

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