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Houjicha is commonly made by roasting Bancha at 200C for minutes. Houjicha has an unique smoky roasted flavor. It's also low in caffeine which make it suitable for everyone. When brew in water, Houjicha produce a golden color like beer.

The roasting process reduce the astringency and the bitterness of the tea leaf.

Houjicha is low in caffeine. Therefore it's good for evening before sleep since it contains no caffeine. Besides, the low amount of caffeine and less bitterness make it a good candidate for tea serving in restaurant or office.

  • Packaging : 30g -15 servings (Resealable bag) / 60g ~30 servings (Canister/Refill pack)

We do have Organic Houjicha and Houjicha Teabag in store as well.

5 ( 5 / 5 )
good taste and aroma, love houjicha

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