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Meiko Uji Matcha

Meiko Uji Matcha
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  • Origin : Uji, Japan
  • 100% Matcha Green Tea powder, no additive
  • For finer food product, food prepartion for special occasion

Meiko is our higher grade Matcha, meant for both usucha (thin tea) and culinary. This Matcha is richer in Matcha flavor and aroma, suitable for high-end cafe and restaurants, or individual who wants to make food with high grade Matcha.

Meiko is produced from tea leaf grown in the famous Uji region. Meiko not only has higher umami sweetness and good aroma, it also has deeper flavor, making it suitable for food preparation. 

On the other hand, it can be used to prepare usucha (thin tea) as well because of higher sweetness.


How is this Matcha different from other Matcha such as Kazumi and Daily Matcha?

Meiko is higher grade than Kazumi, Meiko has better umami sweetness and more mellow aroma as compared to Kazumi. But compare to our Daily Matcha, Meiko is lower grade.


Can I use this to make thin tea (Usucha) ?

Yes. This Matcha is recommended for usucha in many famous Japanese Matcha stores. 


5 ( 5 / 5 )
I'd loved the taste of the matcha I'd tried in Japan and struggled to find affordable culinary matcha suitable for usucha, lattes and baked goods. Meiko Uji matcha rivals the matcha I had kn Japan. Much better than the brands I find in the supermarkets both in terms of affordability as well as quality. Hands down my favourite matcha for everyday consumption.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
I was a little concerned about the taste as some matcha comes across as fishy to me. But this one is perfect to my liking! I enjoyed it with my cereal and smoothie! It is not overpowering in flavour, but rich enough to make a statement. Will definitely order more of this! Thank you for bringing this in.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
This matcha powder is superb! Amazing . Beyond words for its value and taste. It tastes premium as a beverage as well as an ingredient in baking. Better than those u get direct from Japan! I will be a regular customer. Please make good business and keep selling at such great value :)

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