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Kazumi Uji Matcha 100g

Kazumi Uji Matcha 100g
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  • Origin : Uji Kyoto, Japan
  • Package Size : 100g, resealable foil packing
  • 100% Natural Matcha powder

Kazumi matcha is meant for culinary, desserts making (Matcha latte) or baking. Kazumi has stronger taste and lower sweetness, made it less friendly to drink as pure sugarless matcha tea.

Kazumi is suitable for many cafe/restaurant application such as baking and dessert making. One of the advantages of this matcha is, its taste will still be able to stand out even other ingredient in your recipe has strong flavor. Most of our business customers such as cafe, restaurants, bakeries use this Matcha for their products.

We recommend this matcha for baking or mix with other strong taste ingredients. If you prefer richer Matcha flavor for your baking or Matcha latte, we recommend you try Meiko Uji Matcha

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What is the main different between this Matcha and other more expensive Matcha?

Kazumi Matcha is lower grade Matcha, it has lower Umami sweetness (richness of Matcha flavor and aroma), therefore it has higher bitterness and more suitable for food preparation compare to making tea.


Does this Matcha has similar quality as what I can get from Japan?

This Matcha is come from Uji, Japan. It's being used widely in many Japanese food application in Japan. Most customer do not know Matcha comes in different grade, it's unfair to compare a high grade Matcha from Uji with this Matcha. 


Can I make tea with this Matcha?

Yes, you can use this Matcha for tea, but at traditional Japanese Matcha standard, this should not be used for tea making because it doesn't meet the Japanese Tea Ceremony standard. Most of the Matcha from the market are even lower grade, but is being recommended for tea making, which is not right.

5 ( 5 / 5 )
Cheap matcha, suitable for baking. It has strong taste, strong bitterness, good for mix with sweet drink or food. It has low tea fragrance but expected as it's describe in the matcha purchase guide.

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