Japanese Matcha

Japanese Matcha

All our Matcha are imported from Japan, directly from the manufacturer. 

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Our matcha are grown and produced in Japan. They are from the world's best matcha production region Nishio, Uji, Shizuoka and Yame.

Matcha is powder green tea made from shaded-grown tea leaves Tencha. 20 days before harvest, tea leaves are shaded from direct sunlight. The intensity of shading increase gradually until almost complete darkness by the time of harvest. This shading process lower the astringency of the tea leaf and increase the umami (plant sweetness).


Our Matcha Products:

  • All produced with high quality first flush Tencha tea leaves
  • 100% pure high quality matcha from Japan
  • Certified safe for consumption and certified organic (organic matcha)
  • All matcha direct fresh from farm

Matcha green tea powder has ton of health benefits, it has 137 times higher in antioxidants as compared to China green tea. Besides, matcha is loaded with L-theanine, EGCG which bring lot of benefits.

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Origin : Shizuoka, Japan Size : 100g Pure Green Tea Powder, no additive 100% Pure green ..
Origin : Nishio, Japan Package Size : 30g (30 servings) 100% Natural Pure Fine Stone-mill G..
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Origin : Shizuoka Genmaicha tea ground into powder Genmaicha is one of the most popular gr..
Origin : Japan First flush Tencha Package Size : 30g (30 servings) / 100g (100 servings)..
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Origin : Kyoto, Japan 100% Houjicha, no additive Resealable foil bag packing Houjicha is..
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Top Matcha for Thick Tea Origin : Uji, Japan Package : 30g (30 servings) 100% Natural matc..
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Origin : Uji Kyoto, Japan Package Size : 100g, resealable foil packing 100% Natural Matcha po..
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This Matcha set has the basic tools for practicing Japanese matcha tea ceremony. Product includes..
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Origin : Uji, Japan 100% Matcha Green Tea powder, no additive For finer food product, food pr..
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Midori Ceremonial Grade Matcha -12%
Origin : Uji, Japan Package Size : 30g (30 servings)  100% Matcha Powder, no additive ..
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Origin : Uji, Kyoto Package Size : 30g (30 servings)  100% Matcha Powder, no additive ..
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Origin : Izu, Japan Omashi Sakura Rich in Sakura aroma Suitable to drink at its own, baking..
Premium Nishio Handpicked Ceremonial Matcha -16%
Origin : Nishio, Japan Packaging : 30g in Washi Tea Canister Handpicked Top Grade Matcha Gr..
Origin : Shizuoka, Japan Size : 100g 100% matcha green tea powder, no additive For culinary..
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Origin : Uji, Japan Package Size : 40g 100% Pure Natural Matcha Green tea Our superior U..
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Origin : Nishio, Japan Size : 30g in Washi Tea Canister JAS and USDA Certified Organic Top ..
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