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Japanese Green Tea Production

Tea is produced in almost all the regions in Japan, from Kagoshima to Hokkaido. Different region may have different cultivars or different growing method. We will discuss cultivars in details in another article.

Japanese Green Tea Production Map

Japanese green tea production map


Shizuoka is the largest tea production region in Japan, accounts for 41% of green tea production, followed by 19% in Kagoshima. Both Shizuoka and Kagoshima are well-known for green tea even outside of Japan. Shizuoka mostly focus on growing Yabukita cultivar, while Kagoshima has varies cultivars. For those who would like to try different flavour than the usual Yabukita green tea, Kagoshima tea is one of a good choice.


Kyoto, although only produce 3% of total green tea production, but Kyoto is one of the most famous region for green tea production in the world. Uij, Kyoto is the most well-known region, other than green tea, Uji also produce world class ceremony Matcha.


Sencha is grown in almost everywhere. But all Gyokuro are almost produce in Uji and and Yame, only very small percentage of Gyokuro grown in other region. For example, Gyokuro Okabe in Shizuoka.

Mie prefecture is mainly focus in Kabusecha, while Kyushu specializes in Tamaryokucha.


Different region, cultivars, processing method and type will produce a difference flavour. Keep searching for the one which suit you best.