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Green Tea Buying Guide

Should I buy loose leaf or tea bag?

Due to limited space in teabag that constraint the water flow, teabag normally has less quality taste profile as compared to loose leaf. At, we use high quality tea leaves in our tea bags. All our tea bags are nylon pyramid tea bag which has much larger space for water flow, and you can still enjoy genuine Japanese tea.

If you are regular tea drinker and taste quality is your first priority, we suggest you buy loose leaf and brew using tea pot. 




I am black tea drinker, which green tea is suitable for me?

You may try Houjicha, it has roasted flavor which is close to black tea or some say dark coffee.


I want to buy green tea with refreshing taste.

Sencha has very good refreshing flavor.


If you want to buy green tea with mellow aroma and high sweetness taste.

Gyokuro, Kabusecha or Matcha are what you need.


I want to get green tea to serve with Japanese food such as Sushi.

Houjicha, Genmaicha or Sencha are great for this purpose. In Japan, Sencha is the most common green tea to be served in Sushi restaurants.


The tea bag I bought taste too grassy and I don't like it, which one I should get?

Teabags in the market are produced with very low grade tea dust. For good green tea, you will not get this kind of taste. You may try any green tea in our product range, all our green teas are high in quality.


I like the full bodied taste of green tea.

You may consider Organic Sencha.


I couldn't sleep after drinking tea, which tea is suitable for me?

We suggest you purchase green tea with low caffeine content, which are Karigane, Kukicha, Houjica or Genmaicha.


I never drink green tea, which tea is suitable for beginner?

We suggest Genmaicha. Genmaicha has a roasted brown rice, mix with refreshing sencha. Genmaicha often being served in Japanese sushi restaurant because its friendly and widely accepted flavour. Houjicha is a good choice too since it has closer taste profile to black tea.


I am regular green tea drinker, but I purchase green tea from Supermarket.

Most of the green tea products sold in local supermarket are Sencha teabag. Almost all sencha square teabag are made from tea dust or fanning (lowest grade tea). For your next level of drinking experience, we suggest you buy loose leaf Sencha. For a different flavour, you may purchase Kabusecha or Gyokuro, they have higher level of sweet mellow flavor (Umami).


Which tea I should buy for weight loss?

All green tea has weight loss property. The highest grade has more nutrients which indirectly helps in weight loss. For best results, we suggest Gyokuro or Matcha.


Which matcha should I buy?

For making matcha tea, ceremony grade matcha is recommended. Ceremony grade matcha is made from the youngest tea leaf, it has highest level of mellow sweetness.

For ice-cream, softserve and Matcha drinks, Classic ceremonial grade is a great choice.

For blending with your coffee, smoothies, make matcha latte, baking or culinery, culinary grade matcha is recommended.

For a better Matcha purchase guide, please read our Matcha Purchase Guide.