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Matcha Storage Instructions

Matcha is a premium grade tea that has good color, taste and aroma. On the other hand, matcha is also very sensitive to its surrounding condition. Below are the 5 "enemies" of matcha:

  • Heat : Keep matcha in a cool place such as in the fridge.
  • Air : Store matcha in an air-tight container. Matcha will degrade when in touch with air, matcha color will slowlly turn yellowish if exposed to air.
  • Light : Avoid direct light source. We notice there are shops storing matcha in a transparent container, which is a big NO for matcha.
  • Humidity : If you store matcha in the fridge, make sure it goes up to room temperature first before open, to avoid water forming inside the matcha container.
  • Smell : Keep matcha away from strong smell 


In summary

  • We recommend customer to keep Matcha in an air-tight container/pouch, and store the package in a fridge.
  • If you are not using your matcha regularly, we recommend you to store your matcha in the freezer. Thaw it to room temperature before opening the package every time you want to use it.
  • If you are finishing it within 2-3 weeks, room temperature storage is fine