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Matcha vs Coffee

Almost everyone drink coffee, it has become one of the most popular beverage in the world. But probably you should drink matcha instead of coffee, here are some reasons why:


Energy boost

Both matcha and coffee do boost our energy level. But coffee will cause a spike in our adreline level and therefore cause jitter or nervous in some people. Matcha, will not cause spike in our energy level, there is no umcomfortable feeling and we feel energetic for few hours.

matcha energy profile


Health Benefits

Coffee has its health benefits, but compare to matcha, coffee has much less nutrition. Other than that, matcha has many nutrition that coffee doesn't have.


Anti-oxidants Level

Matcha has much higher anti-oxidants level as compared to coffee


Bad breath

Matcha will not cause bad breath


Weight Loss

Matcha promote weight loss, and it's proven by scientific experiments.