Why Matcha is Difficult to dissolve in water?

Did you ever wonder why your matcha doesn't fully dissolve in water? It's because matcha is actually tea leaf in a very small size (powder form).


When you whisk the matcha, it's not dissolving the matcha but create a suspension of the tea leaf in the water, which mean after some time it will still fall down to the bottom of the cup. The better you whisk (or the finer the matcha), the slower it will fall down to the bottom. Therefore, it's highly recommended that you whisk the matcha with the matcha whisk.


Here are some tips to better "dissolve" the matcha:

  • Use sifter to sift your matcha to remove the bigger lumps
  • Whisk your matcha
  • Use hot water (70C)
  • Use right ratio of matcha/water