Why Tea Is Better Than Soft Drinks

The basic caloric content of an average cup of tea is way less than that of a cup of any soft drink. The switch over from a can of soda or aerated drink to ice tea makes sense. If you make your own ice tea or a steaming hot cup of tea, you will definitely feel the freshness as compared to a premix or a glass of an energy drink. Soft drinks have artificial flavoring, carbonated water and a sweetener, which taste great, but do not benefit your health. Tea is a natural beverage as compared to mass produced soft drinks that have considerably high levels of fluoride in the water and even contaminants.


What makes soft drinks a bad choice?


Caffeine is evident in most soft drinks, which definitely gives you the adrenaline rush, but sipping large quantities will cause you to tire easy. Kids may love these drinks, but in the end they may suffer from erratic mood swings and limited concentration levels. It can get tough trying to wean a child away from a beverage that s/he likes, but if you want what is good for the child, cut back on soft drinks. Excessive consumption of soft drinks can damage the liver. Why deal with it, when you can change over to a new combination of flavors in a cup? The options of peppermint, ginger, chamomile, mixed spices, honey, rose and many more add to the thrill instead of the same old taste.


About Green tea benefit


Sugary sweet beverages are so not cool for the system


There are hardly any withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting tea, but who is asking you to give on this healthy habit any. It has proven to be advantageous if you switch over to green tea because of the innumerable benefits it provides. Green tea however, is an acquired taste and not many would like to switch over, and prefer their tea made the normal way. The reason why tea is a much better beverage to sip on is that it does not damage the mind or the body. In fact, it has quite a calming effect as compared to various high-energized drinks. Consumers that are on a daily dose of packaged fruit drinks believe that they are sipping something fresh.


How can anything be fresh when it is packaged and has a shelf life of a month or six months? Tea on the other hand, tastes fresh because you make it from the scratch and serve it fresh. The concept of fast food joints offering iced tea as a beverage instead of a free bottle of an aerated drink has not caught on, yet. Perhaps in the near future consumers will realize that they have to consider whether tea makes a better drink than the smartly marketed soft drinks.