Japanese Green Tea Loose Leaf

Most of the green tea products in the market uses very low grade green tea and often has too much broken tea leaves. Many dislike green tea because of its bitter and grassy taste, and these mainly come from low grade green tea. High quality green tea has good flavor and has more nutrients too. Our products use only good quality tea leaves.

Japanese Green Tea is a type of non-fermented tea, which processed with the steaming method. Japanese green tea is known for its high in anti-oxidants Catechins and L-theanine. They are actually the souce of the umami (sweetness) and astringency, as well as the source of anti-oxidants and many health benefits.

Some of the health benefits are:

  • Cancer prevention
  • Weight loss
  • Prevent Heart disease
  • Reduce cholesterol and blood sugar

Read about benefits of green tea.

The most popular type of green tea is Sencha, which can be found almost in every Japanese restaurant. But they are actually many type of green tea which different in term of aroma, umami and astringency. Know more the types of Japanese green tea.

Green tea loose leaf tea is the tea leaf itself, without tea bag. Loose leaf is the leaf form which has the highest quality. In general, high quality tea should brew in loose leaf form because of the water flow and penetration could impact the taste of the tea leaves. Learn how to brew Japanese green tea.

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Sencha is the most popular Japanese green tea. It has strong aroma and mild astringency which p..
Genmai Matcha is mixture of roasted Genmai or brown rice, Sencha and Matcha. Genmai is high in fiber..
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Genmaicha is a blend of green tea and roasted brown rice. This nutty flavor of roasted rice balances..
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Origin : 100% Kyoto, Japan Package : 30g (~15 servings), with Washi Tea Canister Handpic..
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Origin : Uji, Kyoto Japan Size : 30g, in Washi Tea Canister (Random design) Cultivar : G..
Houjicha is commonly made by roasting Bancha at 200C for minutes. Houjicha has an unique smoky roast..
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Karigane is similar to Kukicha (Stem tea). Karigane is Kukicha made from the stem and twigs of Gyoku..
Kabusecha is higher grade tea similar Gyokuro. Kabusecha (means covered tea) is one of the shad..
Origin : Uji, Japan Size : 50g Pouch (25 servings), 100g Tea Canister (50 servings) Ingredien..
Mecha is green tea made of tea leaf buds. These buds are separated from the tea leaves during proces..
Okabe Gyokuro -12%
Packaging: 50g Pouch (25 servings), 100g Tea Canister (50 servings) Origin : 100% Oka..
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Organic Genmaicha japan is grown following the strict organic guideline and certified by JAS. Our Ge..
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Similar to our Gyokuro, Organic Gyokuro is grown under shade about 20 days before harvest. The shade..
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Organic Houjicha was grown following the strict guideline of JAS, and certified organic. The Organic..
Organic Sencha is one of the most popular teas, like our other organic teas, this Sencha is certifie..
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Origin : Shizuoka, Japan Packaging : 50g Pouch (25 servings), 100g Tea Canister (50 servin..
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Origin : 100% Ujitawara, Japan Size : green tea : 50g Pouch (~25 servings), 100g Tea Canister (..
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Origin : Kagoshima, Japan Size : 50gBlack tea produced in Japan with Japanese tea techniq..